Projects A – D

Angel, Decoration
Angel 2, Decoration *new 2 Dec 2019


Baby Rattle
Ball and Cup Toy
Bean – Multi-Centre
Bobbin Vase
Body Massager
Bottle Stopper (inlaid)
Bottle Stopper, Offset
Bottle Stopper Version 1
Bottle Stopper Version 2
Bowl on the Bias
Bowl with Laminate Rim
Bowl without a Chuck
Bowl, Eccentric
Bowl, Emerging
Bowl, Natural Edge
Bowl, Off Centre
Bowl, Greenwood
Bowl, Pot-Pourri
Bowl, Segmented
Bowl, Resin Rim
Bowl, Simple
Bowl, Basic for colouring * Updated 3 Jan 2020
Bowl, Square * updated 21 Nov 2016
Bowl Foot, Square
Bowl, Thin Wall
Bowl, Wavy One Wing * updated 21 Nov 2016
Bowl, Decorating
Bowl Bottoms * updated 21 Nov 2016
Box with Embroidery
Box, Butterfly #1
Box, Butterfly #2
Box, Cindy Drozda * added 21 Oct 2019
Box, Clamshell
Box, Commissionaire * updated 21 Nov 2016
Box, Conical
Box, Cross Grain
Box, Deer Antler * updated 21 Nov 2016
Box, Emerging
Box, The Last Drop
Box, Lidded
Box, Money
Box, Mushroom
Box, Pencil * added 21 Oct 2019
Box, Saturn * updated 17 Jul 2017
Box, Simple * updated 27 Jan 2020
Box, Spinning Top *new 11 Nov 2019
Box, Spire *new 27 Jan 2020
Box, Tagua Nut
Box, Teardrop * added 21 Nov 2016
Box, Threaded Spherical * added 21 Oct 2019
Bud Vase
Bud Vase, Hollowed from bottom


Candle Holder, Offset
Chip ‘n Dip
Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Bauble *new 2 Dec 2019
Christmas Tree Santa
Christmas Tree Snowman
Clock, Crescent
Clock, Woody’s
Cookie Jar


Dish – Pate
Disk Cutter – Sandpaper
Dolls Chair
Doll on Chair *new 2 Dec 2019

Turning Tomorrow's Treasures