Projects A – D

Angel 1, Decoration Christmas Tree
Angel 2, Decoration Christmas Tree *new 2 Dec 2019


Baby Rattle
Ball and Cup Toy
Ball Tunnelled *new 10 Feb 2020
Bean – Multi-Centre
Bobbin Vase
Body Massager
Bottle Stopper (inlaid)
Bottle Stopper, Offset
Bottle Stopper Version 1
Bottle Stopper Version 2
Bowl, Bias/Three Wing Bowl
Bowl, No Chuck
Bowl, Eccentric
Bowl, Emerging
Bowl, Natural Edge
Bowl, Off Centre
Bowl, Greenwood
Bowl, Pot-Pourri
Bowl, Segmented
Bowl, Resin Rim
Bowl, Simple
Bowl, Basic for colouring * Updated 3 Jan 2020
Bowl, Square
Bowl Foot, Square
Bowl, Thin Wall
Bowl, Wavy One Wing
Bowl, Decorating
Bowl Bottoms
Bowl JR Method

Box with Embroidery
Box, Apple *added 30 Mar 2020
Box, Butterfly #1
Box, Butterfly #2
Box, Cindy Drozda * added 21 Oct 2019
Box, Clamshell
Box, Commissionaire
Box, Conical
Box, Cross Grain
Box, Decorative Insert
Box, Deer Antler
Box, Emerging
Box, Guilio’s Burl Top
Box, The Last Drop
Box, Lawn Bowl
Box, Lidded
Box, Money
Box, Mushroom
Box, Pencil * added 21 Oct 2019
Box, Saturn
Box, Simple * updated 7 Mar 2020
Box, Spinning Top *new 11 Nov 2019
Box, Spire *new 27 Jan 2020
Box, Spoon (Guilio)*added 30 Mar 2020
Box, Spoon (Terry) *added 30 Mar 2020
Box, Decorative Insert
Box, Tagua Nut
Box, Teardrop
Box, Threaded Spherical * added 21 Oct 2019
Box, Triangular * added 30 Mar 2020
Bud Vase
Bud Vase Hollowed *added 10 Feb 2020
Bud Vase, Hollowed from bottom
Bud Vase Laminated *added 10 Feb 2020


Candle Holder, Offset
Chip ‘n Dip
Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Bauble *new 2 Dec 2019
Christmas Tree Santa
Christmas Tree Snowman
Christmas Tree Star
Clock, Crescent
Clock, Woody’s
Cookie Jar


Dish – Pate
Disk Cutter – Sandpaper
Dolls Chair
Doll on Chair *new 2 Dec 2019

Turning Tomorrow's Treasures