Garry Jones – Embellishment Processes

Club Meeting: 29 May 2024
Report by: Ian Connelly

Garry started by talking about the masking tape he was using – a thin tape used by car painters etc for laying out graphics. It allowed you to get nice flowing curved lines. The tape he was using was source from Glue Guru in Penrose.

One he had the basic layout with the thin tape he then used thicker masking tape to block out the areas he wanted to protect on the work.

He had a number of different paints and other tools that he was using

  • Jacquard airbrush color – source spotlight
  • Jo Sonjas iridescent paint – source Hobbyland
  • Gilders Paste – Timberly
  • Gilding Wax – Woodgrain NZ
  • Burrs for high speed carver – Timberly, Carbatec, ‘shop at 15 Trugood Drive’
  • Brushes for rotary tool – Temu

With his design Garry works on creating movement, also planning to disguise faults or cracks in the wood. Best to allow your design to work with the grain.

Garry then proceeded to mask an area on the piece. First process was to frame the area with a groove cut with a burr.

Next he used tape to mark out lines on the wood as a guide for the texturing that followed. Taking care not to leave too many flats of uncut wood.

Then once he was happy with the texture he sprayed the piece with flat black duramax paint (Bunnings). Then gilders wax was applied.

There was another piece that was also featured during the night, it went through the same processes up until the last step when Garry used the Jo Sonja’s Iridescent paints. These were applied to the same black background of duramax. These paints all look white until they are applied over the black. Only a small amount of paint was needed. Clearly Garry had a good understanding of how to blend these colours even when there was no visible difference until they were appied.

A very informative and interactive demo even when Garry had stepped in at short notice. Thanks Garry.