Kieran FItzgerald – Lidded Spoon

Club demo: 3 July 2024
Report by: Ian Connelly

Kieran started the night by showing us what he was going to make, it was a spoon with a lid as designed by Guilio Marcolongo. He then talked about how useful such a device is. He then acted out scooping some sugar and walking across the room, pretending to trip. This is where his youthful enthusiasm failed and he hit the floor, the audience gasped thinking this was the end of the demo. Kieran leap up and on the show went. Fortunately all of the senior members of the club also survived the shock.

Kieran start with a blank 165 x 55 x 50, then a 20 x 50 piece was cut out of it, and a waste block glued in it place. The piece that was cut out was carefully marked to allow for realignment of grain later.

Handle end to the tailstock, he rounded to blank and added a spigot at the tailstock end.

Mounting it in a chuck he turned a sphere for the outside of the spoon bowl.

This sphere was mathematically calculated, firstly by taking the diameter of 46 and multiplying by 0.293, resulting in 13.5, this was to be the length to measure to take the first corners off. The next length was 46 multiplied by 0.1075, which gave 5mm, the length to measure to take off the four corners that were left by the last cut. Then he smoothed up the sphere. He also got out the Soren Berger designed sphere caliper which does these proportions for you.

He then proceeded to remove the bulk from the handle area. He turned a couple of timy beads by the spoon bowl, finished turning the handle. Used a wire to friction burn a couple of embellishments on the handle.

It was then sanded, and parted off.

He then talked about how to mount the spoon to allow him to hollow the bowl. The final invention he came up with (or subconsciously copied) was a cardboard tube split and put in nova spigot jaw to protect the wood.

He then turned off the waste block, and hollowed the spoon.

The lid

The piece that had been removed from the original spoon blank had bee glued to another waste block. This was mounted in 50mm jaws.

Kieran turned the wood round, faced it off and hollowed the lid of the box, making and testing the tenon of the lid was going to fit the spoon.

The then partially shaped the top and parted it off, before making a jam chuck with the remaining waste block to tidy up the lid.

It was a great demo by Kieran of one of the projects on this website that does not get made very often.