Dave Gillard – Pepper Grinder

Club Meeting: 19 June 2024
Report by Graeme Mackay

Dave the fast way in and efficient shaping between two centres. Using good straight matai turned at a good speed. In this demonstration an odd nail shortened the length of the pepper grinder and the demonstration was based on a modified primary measurement.

Shaping happens early using peeling cuts with a Bedan. The timber piece held by Steb centres which allows space to work around-particularly the appearance of nails. Dave noted having a plan allows for unplanned modifications.

A key. Pepper Mills are based on exact measurements for each stage, getting the correct diameter and step position. Each step always has an exact diameter with only a small amount of tolerance.

A tip amongst the exactness is that the shape of the drill allows exact judgement of length. However, he reminds to check on the type of drill any modifications to assist the continuing need for this tip.

Similarly, where flat faces or operational surfaces are working against each other, a slightly angled inwards cut assists the provision of clean working surfaces.
Dave reiterates the need to follow the steps.

Production work still requires the same set of steps and planning. Think about the job of the parting tool. Ensure that is the correct size, thickness and shape. Dave’s words: “do not rush in”, the charging in speed “always comes back to bite you”. Demonstration things come out of hiding in crucial parts of the demonstration process.

Tenons need to fit tightly. All thicknesses of parts have to allow parts otherwise and it spells splitting, cracking and unplanned embellishment. To loose and…… I think the translation of that comment will be left out. Again, similar comments to shaping; the wall thickness as to allow shaping and forming plus whatever embellishments want to be used.

Specialist tools: modified tools, chisels and jaws are useful. Taking stock and reading the plan is is required. Review the various step requirements and take time to “think” about the process.

Pepper grinders are a process requiring exactness and specific planning. Production turning process steps may produce some benefits, i.e. cutting on reverse. However, planning is always needed whether for a single grinder or a production/multiple line.

Embellishments: there are allowances that have to be made plus early decisions i.e. wall thickness. And, with laughter, embellishment events don’t just appear, or sneak up unexpectedly, rather, come forward as a result of a miss-thought or the un-availability of tools.

Installation tips: everyone has a process, Tip or tool Some are developed as part of normal installation process i.e. cutting the nibs or tabs on the main units. The most important production aspect is “asking around.” Check with others about the benefits of each process, tip or tool.

And with humour,
there is a fairly exact process,
shortcuts are earned with a long series of mistakes.