Trefor Roberts/Terry Scott – Burls

Club Meeting: 20 March 2024
Report by Graema Mackay

Trefor and Terry Scott discussed approaches to starting on, looking into and working river and beach rolled burls. The discussion had present a range of sizes, weights, densities, shapes, and variegated holes. The emphasis on individual view and making decisions on what the approach will be and the type of system.

An open discussion from opposing angles of viewing. There was a discussion movement away from the traditional multi-center bowl and moved to and opinion through to generation and development of art things, sculptures, and integration into other media.

The traditional:
Keeping it natural.
Using the surface.
Keeping the surface as it is.
Making a considered attempt to keep the shape.
Different applications and holding techniques i.e., hot melt glue.
Counterweights in traditional application.

Using balance to apply a different place/change to the piece.
Working on the form of the piece.
Frames and borders.
Using the original shape/surface.
Re-looking at the surface and what can be done with it.

A wider view:
Looking at the history of the wood.
Story of the piece and how it got there.
Picking a piece to show the story.
A new view and new center.
Presenting another way.

Individual aspects:
Open to options.
Open to different cutting systems.
Open to new applications/different applications.
Improving skill sets.

Most importantly:
working on a range of views and approaches,
trying different ways,
and sharing knowledge.