Trefor Roberts – Practical Surprise

Club Meeting: 20 March 2024
Report by: Graeme Mackay

The Trefor choice was taking a safe approach and keeping the goal of “what is being made,” an initial secret. Well, as secret as one can make it.

There were several pieces under the magic blankets and covers. Start being to keep up interest and putting pieces and places to hide things. However, there was a very standard opening for a practical Lathe worked piece set between centers and made roughly round-using a Skew of course.

As always, the Teacher. Trevor noted that the object of the exercise was to promote tool techniques and ensure that “everything lined up.”

Rebates and coves started shaping things up as did the Jacobs chuck, changing structurally inner with a 40 MM hole in the center. A short tube turned to equal thickness was some cleaning up. Then some simple grinding work, and sanding to turn a small cup into a small salt spoon.

The practicality moved on to small Spatulas. Wood Sof course
These units were produced using standard techniques, cuts, and correct techniques. Trefor mentioned to remember your teachings and start cutting from the tailstock rather than the drive end. Also, that pre-prep saved “a lot of energy” and kept a person on track. In this case the Demonstrator.

Again, simple straightforward way of holding a flat narrow piece on the chuck and, care taken choosing the correct. Then, shaping the shoulder and coving the handle, while not being to be too clever.

And, of course, ensuring that the handle is able to take the appropriate load of tailstock pressure being used in the preparation.

The oops highlighting this load carrying issue.
Summarised in the phrase: thickness versus strength.

Forward in cheerfulness,
standard traditional Woodturning
and a very practical result.