Dick Veitch – Conjoined bowls: going through the bottom to get a result.

Club Meeting: 23 August 2023
Report Graeme Mackay

Who would have thought a good story from going through the bottom of the bowl.

Dick Veitch demoing in the process for conjoined bowls as seen in SAWG project sheet. An interesting project work around paper joined pieces, calling on measuring skills and checking on basic turning skills.

As with many of Dick Veitch’s demo projects, measurements, are critical. The two bowls, paper joined, and the associated angles have to be equal and exact. The project plan as a good directive with the steps well laid out.

The wall thickness of the initial bowls are critical and requires that constant check the appropriate set of callipers. Measuring tools that work inside bowl. And that assist in even bowl thickness.

Even going to the bottom of the bowls as a difficult process. The measurements need to be accurate in order to control the separation of the pieces. Sometimes referred to as the fly off.

Sanding and finishing requires an evenness. The final process and gluing is part of planning and accumulating in the final “chosen” bowl options.

A good planning option,

a SAWG project one which checks each stage in progress.