Bruce Wood – Guilio Box

Club Meeting 24 June 2020
Report by : Janet McDonald

The 24th June 2020 Bruce Wood gave a great Demonstration of an Offset Box. Bruce followed the project sheet in our website of a project Guilio Marcolongo is well known for. So in this report I will not reinvent the wheel by giving you the box instructions, but leave a link to the website project instructions.

But in among the demo Bruce reminded us of lots of general woodturning things to help achieve a great look.

  1. If you are using callipers for measuring wood; round off the ends of the metal pincers slightly so the tips don’t grab the wood.
  1. You can find a chart for suggested speeds for using a forstner bit on the lathe in our website:
  1. Bruce showed us how he used his “Digital Tailstock/Drill Press Measurer”. You can follow the instructions here to make your own:
  • Being the professional turner Bruce is, he showed us it must be ok to accidently drop 11 things on the floor during a demo.
  • Use a fine wire brush on your sandpaper to unclog it and get more life from it.

Bruce used Ondina Oil to wipe over his turned wood just before sanding. This stopped a cloud of dust cloaking the front row of spectators. Read more about this oil here:

When using buffing wheels on your lathe it is easy for your turned object to fly out of your hands. So Bruce laid a folded towel over the lathe bed, so if the object flew it would not get dented on the lathe bed.