Holm Miehlbradt – Birds

Club Meeting: 5 August 2020
Report by Janet McDonald

Holm gave us a demo on making some charming looking birds with wonderful eyes. The bird body and head are turned from two pieces of wood and the eyes from another two pieces.

The eye was made from two pieces of wood approx 50mm long. Cut a black or darker than other wood used for the body; to a 10mm dowel shape. Now with a light coloured wood at least 15mm in diameter, drill a hole length ways and insert the dark wood dowel. Now turn the whole piece off centre so the dark wood shows on one side.

The head was turned from a 40mm square piece of wood 100mm long. The beak was formed 45mm long with the widest part 12mm. The head then formed 40mm wide. Holm used a metal pipe to shape the final round of the head.

To insert the eye drill a hole each side of the birds head, half way in line with the upper beak. The eye and hole only have to be about 3mm long/deep. Glue in place.

The body was turned from a 70mm square piece of wood 95mm long.

This was turned in a curved shape with a 25mm wide recess (divot) at each end. The recess big enough to hold the curve of the head.