Segmented Work – Keith Hastings

Keith Hastings sent me a document with some of his stunning segmented work to share, enjoy.

These are photos of a few of my segmented and open segmented work and a little bit about them. All my work is finished off with Teak oil.

    1.   Segmented large Greek Vase.
      Segmented Greek Vase 230 mm diameter x 380 mm high turned from Fijian Kauri and Mahogany finished off with Teak oil.Hastings02
    2. 3D Segmented Bowl.
      It’s a 3 dimensioned segmented bowl turned from Fijian Kauri 220 mm diameter x 90 mm high the 3D part is constructed from Kahikatea, Kauri and Mahogany cut into diamond shaped segments glued and finished off with Teak oil.Hastings03
    3. 3D Platter.
      3 Dimensioned segmented platter 300 mm in diameter with segmented Kauri outer surround the 3D part is constructed from Kahikatea and Mahogany.Hastings04
    4. Oak Segmented Clock.
      The Oak clock started out as a solid Oak platter that warped and buckled so badly that I couldn’t turn it out, so cut it up into segments and reconstructed it as a segmented clock 350 mm in diameter finished with Teak oil.Hastings05
    5. Open Segmented Bowl.
      Open Segmented Fruit Bowl turned from Oak with a Kauri rim and base, this started out as a solid Oak bowl which buckled and warped so badly I couldn’t  turn it out so I cut it up into segments, reconstructed it and then re-turned it 350 mm in diameter x 150 mm high.Hastings06
    6. Open Segmented Christmas Lantern.
      Christmas Lantern is open segmenting Rimu and Fijian Kauri. 140 mm diameter x 200 mm high.Hastings07
    7. Segmented Fruit Bowl.
      Segmented fruit bowl turned from Kahikatea and Fijian Kauri 260 mm diameter x 90 mm high.Hastings08
    8. Segmented Oriental Bowl.
      Oriental Bowl 150 mm in diameter x 150 mm high, turned from Radermachera ( China Doll ).Hastings09
    9. Segmented Teardrop Urn.
      Teardrop segmented urn turned from Tasmanian Oak and Jarrah 150 mm diameter x 150 mm high.Hastings10
    10. Wooden Flower
      Wooden flower I turned from Macrocarpa a few years ago using the inside outside turning technique.  Something a little bit different from turning a bowl.