CAM Cosford – Cube Box

Club Meeting: Wed 29th March 2023
Report by: Kevin De Freitas

The aim of Cam’s demo was to produce a box out of a cube whilst clearly showing evidence of the cube in the end product. The sample he passed around had evidence of the original 6 faces of the cube of wood.

Cam started with a cube measuring 110mm and mounted between wooden cups. These cups were made from pieces of wood cut at 60degrees and 3 pieces glued together in such a way as to form the square vertex of the cube. Once the glue s dry, the block is turned round to form the final cup. Ensure a strong bonging glue is used – as Cam discovered, the block can come apart and could cause damage to the piece.

Cam warned that turning the cube would result in tear out and chips until the high corners are reduced and the wood has some support behind it. He began to turn off the 4 exposed corners to start to form the desired final shape.

Cam suggested that once you approach the final dimensions, to coat the end grain in CA glue to stabilise it. The comment was made that this would stain the wood however Cam was planning to coat the entire finished piece in CA glue anyway so these stains would not show up.

Cam then marked the blank for height and a place to part off the lid from the main body.

He added a spigot for a 50mm chuck at the headstock end and another at the tailstock end to fit a 30mm chuck.

He then proceeded to cut off the waste at the bandsaw to leave the two spigots.

Mount the blank in the 50mm jaws and hold with a steb centre.

Cam marked the location of the #1 jaw as he needed to relocate the blank in the chuck again later.

Part off the lid of the box (part closest to the tail stock.)

Use a Forstner bit to hollow out most of the main body of the box to about 60mm deep.

Widen the hole and shape to fit the 50mm chuck in expansion mode.

Cut the lip to mate with the lid. Normally the lid fits over the rim on the base but Cam chose to do it in reverse. Finish the inside.

Mount the lid in the 30mm chuck and hollow out to 25mm deep. Shape to fit the main body and finish the inside.
Re-mount the main body in the 50mm chuck and hold the lid in place with a steb centre.

Do final shaping of the lid and body together making sure that the flats (original faces of the cube) are the same size.)
Mount each part in expanding jaws and turn off the spigots and finish the top and bottom of the box.