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I began turning six years ago as a hobbyist turner after going to a piece of land to cut some firewood. I came across a stern elderly gentleman loading my Puriri tree earmarked for firewood onto a truck. After inquiring what he thought he was doing with my tree, he replied, “Firewood be damned! This makes excellent turning timber.” I ended up going along to the next guild meeting and so my love and addiction to woodturning evolved.

The standard, utilitarian pieces I conventionally made became tiresome and lacked challenges and thus I started experimenting with texture and color on artistic forms. The question “Is that made from wood?” is often posed due to the predominant use of techniques that disguise the wood�s natural appearance. Large, out of balance pieces are a specialty as I enjoy stretching the boundaries of my turning skill. Recent innovations include a range of thin walled, pierced and carved pieces, which are adorned by twists and spires.



Taranakai WoodCraft Festival 2007

1st Traditional Woodturning

2nd Traditional Woodturning

Merit Artistic Woodturning


Waimate WoodCraft Expo 2007 

1st Traditional Woodturning

2nd Artistic Woodturning


Franklin Arts Festival 2007

2nd Miniatures / lidded boxes


Royal Easter Show 2007

3rd Hollow forms Vases

3rd Small bowls

Merit Plates and platters


Thames Society of the Arts 

2007 Summer Exhibition Best of show Woodcraft

Highly commended Woodcraft


Tree Works /Creative Wood /Spring 2006

Best of Best Overall winner


Northland Kauri Festival 

Unearthed Beauty Competition Sept 2006

Highly Recommended


The National Wood skills Festival Kawerau 20062nd Traditional Woodturning

Highly Recommended    Traditional Woodturning

Highly Recommended    Woodturning Open Artistic


The Royal Easter show 2006

Best Overall Woodturner

1st Bowls over 250mm

1st Plain Bowls

1st Plates/ Platters

1st Lidded Boxes

2nd Lidded Boxes

2nd Bowls over 250mm

3rd Bowls over 250mm

3rd Hollow Forms Vases


The Autumn Home show /The working with wood show 2006 

Best of Show

1st Woodturning open


The Thames Society of the Arts Woodcraft competition 2006

Ist Woodcraft open

2nd= Woodcraft open

Woodcraft Highly Commended


The National Wood skills Festival Kawerau 2005

Tasman Mill 50 years Pinus Radiata award highly commended

Woodturning open Traditional   Highly Commended


Franklin Arts  June 2005

1st Decorated bowls and platters

1st Bowls

1st miniature

1st lidded boxes

Merit hollow forms


Taranakai Woodcraft Festival may 2005

1st conventional woodturning


Timber and Working with Wood show April 2005

Best of Show

1st Woodturning open


Royal Easter show 2005

Best Overall Woodturner.

1st Hollow forms/vases

1st Lidded boxes

1st Sculptural/Abstract

2nd Miscellaneous

2nd Large bowls

2nd plain bowls

2nd = Platters/plates

2nd = Domestic ware ornaments

Merit Large bowls


TURNZ. Putaruru 2004

Merit Award.  Pine Award

Merit Award.  Decorated Bowls

Merit Award.  Hollow Forms

Merit Award.  Undecorated Bowls or Platters


Franklin  Arts Festival 2004 

Best Of show


Royal Easter show 2004 

Best of show

1st lidded boxes

1st Sculptural/Abstract

2nd hollow forms /Vases

Merit platters


Franklin Arts Festival 2003

Best Of show

1st Hollow forms

1st  Miniature

2nd Decorated bowls /Platters

2nd Bowls

Merit Lidded boxes


The Royal Easter Show 2003

2nd Lidded Boxes

2nd Plates and Platters

2nd Sculptural/Abstract

3rd Hollow forms vases

Merit Small bowls under 250mm


2002: Royal Easter Show

2nd best of Show

1st Sculptural and Abstract

1st lidded boxes

2nd Lidded boxes

3rd Lidded boxes

2nd Miscellaneous

2nd Plates and platters


2002:  Franklin Arts

1st lidded box

2nd Miniature

2nd bowls

2nd Hollow form

2nd Decorated bowl or Platter


National wood skills Kawerau 2002

2nd Natural edged bowl


Turnz Putaruru National woodturning competition 2002

“First time winner”

Vivian Timber award

Merit “Platter”


2001: National Woodskill’s Kawerau .

Highly commended: “Engineered wood”


2001 :Franklin Arts Festival

1st “Decorated bowl or Platter”

1st “Lidded box”

2nd “bowls”


2001: Royal Easter Show

1st “Bowls over 250mm”

Merit “Plates and Platters”



  • Bruce Pulman Events Centre: 2002″ The mists of time “
  • The New Zealand Olive Growers Association 2002
  • “Prime olive oil award trophy” Cornwall Park Trust 2002
  • “The birds” Made from One Tree Hill Monterey Pine.
  • Exhibited at the Cornwall park visitors CentreThe Ring 2005:  Displayed at Harcourt holiday park upper Hutt .Were a Scene from the Lord of the rings was filmed, made from an oak tree used in the set in the giants feeding of the furnace.
  • Vodaphone Wellington Lions RFC Japan Tour Trophy 2006
  • Country Garden China .Office Entry display 2007

Events attended have included:

  • The “Down under turn around” 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  • “Collaboration of the arts” 2001 and 2003
  • Participation 2001, 2002, 2003
  • The Down under Collaboration Newcastle 2005
  • Many other workshops and symposiums

Guest Demonstrator;

  • Demonstrator at The  Utah Woodturning Symposium 2004 BYU University Usa Utah
  • Demonstrator at Turnfest Brisbane Australia 2007
  • Demonstrator at The Utah Woodturning Symposium 2007

Exhibiting Galleries

  • Koru Gallery Wellington ,Auckland
  • Textures Gallery Parnell Auckland: Primavera gallery San Francisco Santa Fe USA:
  • Rare Creations Gallery Nelson
  • Morgan Gallery Parnell Auckland

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